Why Being an ESL Student is So Important

Regardless of the background story, there are many students in the U.S. who are considered ESL students, or who are learning English as their second language. While it’s often a struggle for students to learn English (after all, it’s not necessarily an easy language), it can also be a struggle for the educations and teachers who are helping their students. The end-goal – of learning English fluently – far outweighs the struggle though – especially when you keep these benefits of being bi- or multi-lingual in mind:

More and Better Job Opportunities

One of the more practical benefits of knowing more than one language – especially if English is one of them – includes better job opportunities. Employers are always looking for candidates who are fluent in multiple languages – which could open more doors, or give students a leg-up on the competition. Additionally, knowing another language can give students more travel opportunities. Maybe he or she gets a job with an English-speaking company that’s trying to close a deal with a business in another country, their skills could help facilitate connections and bring in favor and revenue for that company.

Deeper Interactions

Along the lines of making connections between businesses, students who know multiple languages are typically better able to connect with others on a deeper level. While the English-language barrier can be an obstacle at first, once students retain comprehension of the language, they have a better ability to connect with people who speak other language as well. Plus, they sort of inherit a deeper understanding of other cultures, are more empathetic towards others and are better able to express themselves in whatever language they choose.

Increased Mental Strength

Learning a language is an exercise for the brain – it helps keep it flexible and prevents it from deteriorating over time. In fact, when someone learns a second (third, fourth, etc) language, the brain goes through an electrical change in even the earliest stages of language acquisition. This can lead to an increase in memory, problem-solving skills and even an increase in digital ability (or ability to stay current with the modern technologies).

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Plus, students with Apple mobile devices (like iPhone or iPad), can access our downloadable ESL apps for students on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Acquisition and Pronunciation Practice as well as programs that cover many English grammar topics. Our ESL learning software downloads and resources (both web-based and mobile apps) have been specifically designed for to teach English for beginners and have dramatically improved understanding and retention in students. And since we use an “integrated skills approach,” which incorporates writing, reading, listening, speaking and grammar, students learn quicker and have higher success rates.

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