Exceller’s Software for ESL Learning Can Help Your English Second Language Student Hold a Conversation

The struggle for students who are still learning English for beginners goes far beyond writing eloquent essays or delivering profound speeches. Many students struggle with basic phrases and conversation starters.

Luckily though, our Exceller software program for ESL can help your students learn necessary vocabulary words and get help with reading, grammar and maintaining conversations. Our specially designed program provides two semesters’ equivalent of education and makes teaching ESL for teachers much easier and quicker.

Students with Apple mobile devices, can access our ESL App Downloads for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Acquisition and Pronunciation Practice as well as apps that cover many English Grammar topics. Our ESL software downloads and resources (both web-based and mobile apps) have been specifically designed for ESL learners and have dramatically improved understanding and retention in students. And since we use an “integrated skills approach,” which incorporates writing, reading, listening, speaking and grammar, students learn quicker and have higher success rates.

To find out more about our English Tutor for ESL and Exceller ESL software, or to purchase our ESL apps, visit our website or contact us today.

For a quick hit on a few conversation practices, check out the video below.


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