Exceller Software & Apps: How Do They Help Improve English Fluency?

With numerous ESL software products to choose from, why should you opt for Exceller’s English Tutor software and apps? The answer is simple: they offer a unique approach to learning that’s different from what other programs offer, and this approach makes them more effective in helping students gain a deeper understanding of the English language and ultimately become more fluent in it. Specifically, Exceller’s ESL software and ESL apps for students accomplish better learning and comprehension by:

Providing instant interactive feedback

Other ESL apps merely correct wrong answers and provide the right ones. There’s nothing wrong with this, but Exceller believes that there’s a better way to help students learn from their mistakes. Our software and apps are designed to give students three tries to provide the correct answers to questions. They can then view their first, second, and third attempts and compare these with the right answer, with the program pointing out the parts that they got correct and those that they got wrong. This way, they’ll know if they just spelled a word incorrectly or used the wrong verb tense, or if they gave an entirely incorrect answer. They’ll also become more motivated to learn because they see exactly what their mistakes are and know what they should improve on.

Combining important skills

Exceller’s ESL software for educators and students integrate reading, writing, listening, and grammar instead of separating them into different lessons. This might seem difficult at first glance, particularly for students who only have a basic understanding of English, but it’s actually a great way for them to learn more about the language and become fluent in it.

One example is Exceller’s Dialogues app, which allows students to listen to recordings of native English speakers (both men and women) and observe their accent, intonation, and pronunciation. They can then record themselves imitating the speaker and play it back to compare their speech with that of the original recording. This way, they can see how their speech patterns differ with those of native English speakers, and then make the necessary changes to become more fluent.

Using a wide range of exercise types

Exceller includes various exercises in their ESL software not just to spice things up and make studying less boring but also to encourage students to open their mind and absorb more concepts in less time. By using Exceller ESL learning apps and software, students will go through multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks exercises, and reading comprehension exams (among others), all of which will challenge their skills and help them understand English better.

Explaining grammar concepts in an interesting way

Of course, Exceller’s English learning programs don’t just provide exercises to test students’ skills. Within the exercises are “Hints” buttons, which students can click to find grammar concepts that are related to the question they face. These buttons not only help students decide on the correct answer and finish exercises faster but also ensure that important grammar concepts are drilled into their mind.


Exceller’s products are some of the most effective ESL software for educators and students. Through them, instructors will find it easier to impart their lessons and students will learn English concepts in a faster and more efficient way. To find out more about our English Tutor for ESL and Exceller ESL software, or to purchase our ESL mobile apps, visit our website or contact us today.


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