5 Ways to Help Your ESL Student Succeed

Choosing the best ESL software for teachers or ESL software for educators can seem like an incredibly daunting task. With so many options available, and each toting its own merits, it might be confusing to know which program truly offers the most benefits and the highest likelihood for student success. The English Tutor program from Exceller Software Corp provides students with extensive grammar and vocabulary practice and is specially designed to raise their proficiency level of the English language.

The system combines multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, listen-and-speak, read-and-write, vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension to help students better learn the English language.

Just in case you’re still not sold on Exceller’s effectiveness, here are five things you should look for in any ESL software program:


Chances are, you or your student is on a phone more than at a desk. That’s why it’s critical to true language development that the ESL software you choose also comes with ESL learning mobile phone apps. Whether your student is riding the train, waiting to meet a friend or has time to kill, they should be able to access learning materials wherever they are that way it becomes integrated into their everyday lives.

Varied Structure

Just like Exceller uses a variety of formats to test students’ knowledge, the software program you choose (if not Exceller) should do the same. People learn in different ways (reading, hearing, seeing, etc.), so it’s important the ESL learning program caters to all if not the majority of these. The more diverse ways your student is taught, the higher likelihood they will be able to retain the critical information. Plus, a varied structure keeps them from getting bored as they go through the program.


There’s a reason ESL software and ELS apps work better for language retention than the traditional textbook and that’s because it’s more engaging. The program or system you choose should require you or your student to interact and participate. And most importantly, the system should be set up to make you actually practice the language instead of just reading about grammar cues or pronunciation.

Ease of Use

While each software program may offer different features, you should be able to use it. After all, if you can’t figure it out, then you’ll never but it to use in learning English.  Set up should be just as easy to figure out.


When something goes wrong – because with technology, it inevitably does – does the company behind the software program offer customer support? A good company will offer several different methods for reaching its support team, whether that’s via phone, email or chat. You can test out their responsiveness by shooting the company a quick email with a basic question about pricing or setup, before purchasing – if they take a while to, or don’t respond at all, you’ll know whether or not you can count on them to resolve important issues.

To find out more about our English Tutor for ESL and Exceller ESL software, or to purchase our ESL mobile apps, visit our website or contact us today.

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