For ESL Learners - We provide you with the most effective way to learn the English language.

Exceller – This Is What We Offer…


We utilize the Integrated Skills approach (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) together with Grammar Practice. This has proven to be the best way to learn, English as a Second language, by people whose own language is something other than English.



This is a Web Based/Online, ESL learning program for Colleges, Community Colleges, Universities, K-12 Schools, Adult Education Centers with Language Labs. Contains 2 to 3 semesters equivalent of learning.

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APPS for ESL Learners

Downloadable from iTunes on Apple store, for iOS: iPhone, iPad. These are suitable for individual student learners for practicing on their Mobile device. We offer 13 APPs for students with iPhones and/or iPads.

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Software – Who Is It Suitable For?


Our software offerings here are suitable for learners of English, who already have had a beginners’ course in the learning of the English Language. They should already know the English alphabet, basic punctuation, and the first 400 to 500 words in the English Language.

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Testimonials – What Our Customers Are Saying…


Customers, teachers and educators around the world have said great things about our ESL software products.

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What a fantastic program!!! My ESL students enjoy It and are learning quickly from it. Please send me info concerning lab packs. Other buildings in our district would like to use the materials, too.

Nancy J MillerAHS - St. Louis, MO

We are really enjoying (and learning!) with the tool in Costa Rica. I have recommended it to our Sykes team in the Philippines.

Dennis ArciniegasProfessor - Costa Rica

The grammar skills and comprehension tool uses a variety of exercises, via a menu system, such as fill in the blank, multiple choice, and unscrambling sentences; it is an intensive program with over 90 lessons!

Judith DimitrovaProfessor - Budapest, Hungary

A friend of mine brought me this as a present from the USA… The “Focus on Grammar”, intermediate level. It’s terrific and has helped me to improve my English.

Sarah WildenbergUser - Brazil

My students like the use of technology in the grammar class. They like the interactive practice it provides and have asked me why we don’t do it more!

Sandra JeffsInstructor - Eugene, Oregon

I have had many students who will not leave this program until they complete all 92 chapters. This is the best testament to the program that is available.

Brandi MyersInstructor - USA

What I experienced with this course (now for the second semester), I have not seen with any other ESL computer program. My students are engrossed in it from the first moment of use.

Keith BoswellProfessor - Virginia Commonwealth University